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BLUGUARD Smart Bus P900 V16N Series

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BLUGUARD Smart Bus P900 V16N Series

A Seamless Control of Home Security and Home Autmation System
-Compared to tone alarm security system, V16n Series is enhanced with state-of-the-art voice feedback to ensure you and your loved ones live in total comfort and safety.

Innovative Voice Notification
-With V16n Series, there are no more confusing beeps, buzzes and multiple tones to remember. The innovative voice notification will report on the status of each zone. For instance, when you press a button to disarm the main gate which has been preset as Zone 1, the speaker of the control panel will announce ˇ°Zone 1 disarm.ˇ± Even while you are away, managing the control and updates of the status of your home is just a phone call away. Simply dial a dedicated number which connects you to your home's control panel and interact with to the voice feedback.

All-in-one for Control, Comfort and Safety.
Turn interior and exterior lights on and off. Independently arm or disarm individual security zones when you're at home, all in a single touch. And because the system's status is always reported through a voice notification, you are always aware of your home's level of protection and the arrangement of your home appliances.

User-friendly Interface
One-touch System
Arm/disarm, switch on/off or get the status of individual zones at the touch of a button.

Scalable and Customizable *Protection Upgrade
Increase protection zones for a more comprehensive security assurance such as additional sensors, PIR motion detectors, fire and smoke detectors, lightning surge protection up to 4KV, etc.

Smart home upgrade with Home Automation Module
Conveniently control and manage your home appliances such as lighting, air-conditioners and other appliances whether you're at home or away.

Telephone backup with GSM
In case of tampered fixed lines or line disruptions, the system acts as a backup to SMS or call all preset numbers and report on your home's status. Compatible with all mobile networks.

Stylish and Distinctive Keypad
The keypad presents itself in an outstanding and modern design. The stylish flip designed cover with LED or LCD screen and two different colors to fits every taste.

Industry Proven & Reliable
Quality Assurance
As one of the high quality flagship products of Bluguard, V16n series meets even the most stringent standards of the home security industry. Backed by extensive research and development, all Bluguard Smart Bus range of products are developed based on innovation platform technologies and expertise.